2017-18 Proposed Operating Budget

2017-18 Proposed Operating Budget
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By clicking on the link "Town Warrant" you will be able to see the Town's warrant articles as well as DRA's MS-636 and MS-636 default.

You can reveiw the Deliberative Session Hand out by clicking the link "Deliberative"

You can find the Town Council’s Proposed Budget by clicking on the link labeled "TC Proposed Budget 2017-18" and "TC Proposed Summary of Funds 2017-18". 

By clicking on the Council Deliberation tab you can see the changes the Town Council made to the Town Managers 2017-18 Budget.

 If you would like to review the Budget documents comparing Operating Budgets of 2016-17 to 2017-18 please click on the link titled “Budget  document Comparison 2017-18 web.”

The link labeled "TC Proposed CRF 2017-18 Web" outlines the proposed funding for capital reserve funds in the budget.  If you would like to see a summary of projects please click on the link "TC Proposed CRF Projects 2017-18." 

You can find information for proposed revenue budget by clicking on the link labeled "TC Proposed  2017-18 Revenue "

To see the estimated Municipal Portion of the tax rate click on the link labeled "TC Proposed Tax Rate 2017-18"

You can review the default budget by clicking the link "2017-18 Default  Budget calculations."

To review the Town Council Public Hearing Presentation please click the link "TC 2017-18 Public Hearing."

you can see the Highway Garage Presentation materials by clicking the link "Highway Garage."

To view the Town Manager's December 15, 2016 presentation click on the link "TM Budget presentation 2017-18"