Outside Burning

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The number one cause of Wildfires in New Hampshire are illegal or improperly extinguished fires.

Seasional Permits Requirements for Campfires and fire pits

NH Burning Permit Laws


I have read the two documents above; Seasional Permits and NH Burning Laws before getting an On Line Permit.

Before you can kindle a fire you must first check the State of NH Fire Danger Day.  (NH Daily Fire Danger Report)

You can kindle a fire during a Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 Fire Danger Day.  You CANNOT kindle a fire during a Class 4, Class 5 Fire Danger Day or windy conditions.

Laws and Regulations (Click Here for Laws)

Per RSA 227-L:17, the state of New Hampshire require anyone who wishes to burn clean, ordinary combustibles such as leaves, brush or untreated lumber, or have a camp or cooking fire to have written permission from the landowner. A written fire permit from the local Forest Fire Warden or local fire department in the town or city where the fire will be kindled is required.

Fire Permit Category Breakdown

Commonly asked Questions

Where do I obtain a Fire Permit?

Fire Permits can be obtained after 3 PM from the Merrimack Fire Department located at 432 Daniel Webster Highway.  This is the Fire Station next to the Souhegan River. Please review the "FIRE DANGER" sign in front of the Fire Station to see if permits are being issued. 

How do I get a Seasonal Fire Permit for a fire place or camp fire?

Open this document and follow the requirements

Seasonal Fire Permit Requirements

Once I have a Seasonal Fire Permit what do I do next year?

If you have not changed the fire location or surroundings all you have to do is bring to the Fire Department your old Permit and another one will be issued for the up coming year.

How much does a Fire Permit cost?

There is no cost to obtain a written fire permit. 

When is a Fire Permit Required?

A Fire Permit is required anytime there is less than a 100 foot radius of complete snow cover around the fire, or when determined by the Forest Fire Warden that the snow has melted eoungh throughout the community to start issuing fire permits.

What time can a fire be kindled?

Fires may only be kindled after 5:00 p.m. and must be extinguished before 9:00 a.m. 

What can be burned?

Clean, untreated wood or brush
Material must be no greater than 5 inches in diameter

What cannot be burned?

Combustible domestic waste as defined by RSA-125N, including. but not limited to:

  • Household trash
  • Packaging Material
  • Plastic
  • Coated or laminated paper
  • Rubber
  • Painted or treated wood
  • Coated or treated cardboard
  • Oily rags
  • Animal, vegetable or kitchen waste
  • Pressure treated wood or composite materials

Do I need a Fire Permit for a Chimimea, Fire Pit, Outdor Fireplace etc.?

YES. Obtaining a Fire Permit for outside wood burning is a state law.  You must comply with the rules for outdoor burning when using one of the outdoor wood burning units .  The use of Chimineas or outdoor fire places on decks and or within 25 feet of a structure is not permited (Category I fire) or within 50 feet (Category II fire).