Cable Television Advisory Committee (disbanded)


The Merrimack Cable Television Advisory Committee for Cable Television Services met for the first time in November of 1991 to coordinate all activities related to public, educational, and government (PEG) access; to review and advise on the legal aspects of cable television; and to negotiate and oversee the cable television franchise for Merrimack, NH.

Once a franchise was executed in January of 1999, the Committee evolved over a period of years into an advisory capacity for monitoring the contracted provider’s compliance with the franchise regulations and noted deliverables. Today, it also works as an oversight body for the public access channels – monitoring compliance with established channel policies as well as with the agreement(s) governing the public access center.

The Merrimack Cable Television Advisory Committee works to provide and promote a medium, a method, and a facility for the greater Merrimack Community to communicate a diversity of non-commercial messages.


The purposes of this Committee shall be:

1. To recommend policies and procedures to the Franchising Authority for the use of the public access channels;

2. To monitor the use of the public access channels and the public access center, and to make recommendations to the Franchising Authority regarding the non-appropriate use and/or non-compliance for such use by any individual or group;

3. To promote the use of the public access channels and the public access center;

4. To review and make recommendations regarding various agreements, contracts, procedures, and processes to ensure proper distribution of assets (personnel, equipment, and finances) among each of the public, education, and government access channels;

5. To monitor the Town’s cable franchise agreement(s), the cable service provider(s) compliance with the franchise regulations and noted deliverables, and to make recommendations regarding any non-compliance issues to the Franchising Authority;

6. To actively participate in negotiations when requested by the Franchising Authority with cable service providers, and to provide research, input, and recommendations to the Franchising Authority regarding cable service upon request.

The Merrimack Cable Television Advisory Committee membership is appointed by the Merrimack Town Council. Merrimack Cable Television Advisory Committee shall consist of seven full-time regular members and two alternates.

There will be five full-time regular members of the public who shall serve a three year term with the first appointments being for 1, 2, or 3 years in order to provide for staggered terms of office. Regular member absences from three (3) consecutive meetings without notification may constitute grounds for the Chair of the Committee to request a letter of resignation. The alternates shall serve a three year term. The term shall be in accordance with the Merrimack Town Charter and shall run from July 1st to June 30th.

Of the seven members, one will be a Town Council’s representative; a second shall be a Merrimack School Board representative or their designee. These appointments will occur annually when each board is performing its board assignments.

The School Board may appoint a second person as an alternate to their representation. Both names will be recommended by the School Board and brought forward for approval to the Town Council.
The members of the Cable Television Advisory Committee will elect a chair and vice chair from the five regular full-time members of the public every twelve months or when a vacancy occurs.
The Committee may appoint ad hoc subcommittees for specific purposes. Membership for these subcommittees may be drawn from the Committee membership as well as other members of the Merrimack community who are deemed to have needed expertise in specific areas.


The Chair of the Committee with input from the Committee shall prepare all agendas for the Merrimack Cable Television Advisory Committee.

The Committee shall operate in accordance with RSA 91-A and the Merrimack Town Charter.

Adopted by Merrimack Town Council on September 25, 2009

Board Members

Name Title
Richard Morrissey Vice Chairman
Mark Himes Full Member
Mark Buda Alternate
Jody Vaillancourt School Brd. Rep
Roy Swonger Alt. School Brd. Rep
Brian McCarthy T.C. Rep.
Nick Lavallee Staff Support