2018-19 Proposed Operating Budget

You can find the Town Manager’s Proposed Budget by clicking on the link labeled "TM Proposed Budget 2018-19" and "TM Proposed Summary of Funds 2018-19". 

 If you would like to review the Budget documents comparing Operating Budgets of 2017-18 to 2018-19 please click on the link titled  “Budget  document Comparison 2018-19 web

The link labeled "TM Proposed CRF 2018-19 Web" outlines the proposed funding for capital reserve funds in the budget.  If you would like to see a summary of projects please click on the link " TM Proposed CRF Projects 2018-19

You can find information for proposed revenue budget by clicking on the link labeled "TM Proposed  2018-19 Revenue "

To see the estimated Municipal Portion of the tax rate click on the link labeled "TM Proposed Tax Rate 2018-19"

To view the Town Manager's December 21, 2017 presentation click on the link "TM Budget presentation 2018-19"