Historical Sites

Sites of Historical Interest

Explore Merrimack’s history with a visit to the places where it actually happened.

Burial Grounds

Merrimack is the home to four historical graveyards.  Each graveyard has its unique features ranging from rare and endangered plants, to a side by side succession of burial styles starting from the early days of the Republic and proceeding to modern times.

 Chamberlain Bridge 

The Chamberlain Bridge is built of native granite and has an unusual configuration.

 Capt. Spaulding Foundation

The foundation of a nineteenth century house.  Although uninhabited for more than 100 years, many of the original plant species still survive around the cellar hole.

Turkey Hill Bridge Site

The site of a covered bridge, one of the first and most important in Merrimack, which was of the Town lattice design.

Old Meetinghouse Site

Towns were required to build a meeting house within a few years of their creation in order to keep their Colonial charter.  This is the location of the first meeting house in Merrimack.

Old Kings Highway

A section of road restored to much the same condition as when it was ordered built by the King of England.

Simonds Rock

Simonds Rock was a landmark for the Native Americans and early settlers alike.  It is also alleged to be the second largest erratic boulder in New Hampshire.

Reeds Ferry Site

This site was, in succession, a ferry landing, a canal boat landing and a railroad depot, making it a sort of early Merrimack transportation hub.

Historic Buildings

Follow the above link for the locations and information on a variety of Merrimack’s historic buildings including old inns, houses and barns.