Bicycle Patrol

Similar to our Walk Along program, this program is designed to get the officers out of the cruiser and place him in an environment where he can patrol in a particular area and establish contact with the residents.

Officers assigned to this patrol park their police vehicle at a pre-determined safehouse. They then remove their bicycle from a rack in the rear of the cruiser and patrol a specific area. The officer is encouraged to make at least one contact with a member of the particular neighborhood. Should an officer recieve a call to respond to a location that is not in the immediate area of his bike patrol, he will return to his cruiser, load the bike and travel to the call.

This program accomplishes several goals; first, the officer attracts young people living in the area and always engages conversation; second, it is a method top patrol areas in a manner that would not bring attention to him. If a potential criminal is looking for a marked police cruiser to drive by, the officer on the bicycle has that measure of surprise.