Child Safety Seat - Check-up & Lending

Am I using the best child safety seat for his/her age and weight? Is the car seat installed correctly? When should I graduate my child to the next level of car safety seat? These are typical questions asked by parents about car seats. The Merrimack Police Department offers to the community a "Child Safety Seat Check-up Program". You can call the police department and make an appointment to have your car seat(s) checked. We will go over the following:

  • Proper installation
  • Periodic checks that should be done to all safety seats
  • Check for any recalls on your car seat
  • Check to see if your child still fits the car seat that you have

Also, as your child graduates to the next level of car seat, you can call to have the installation rechecked.

Also, in conjunction with this program we offer a "Safety Seat Lending Program". If you car seat has a recall or the safety seat was involved in an accident, the Merrimack Police Department will lend you a car seat to use until you purchase a new seat for your child. A seat could also be borrowed if someone needs it for a short period of time due to a child visiting and no car seat is available. Contact the police department and we will lend the appropriate seat for the child.