School Partnership Program

The Merrimack Police Department and the Merrimack School District has had a partnership for many years. Officers have gone into the elementary and middle schools and assisted teachers with their safety curriculum. Topics that are covered range from school bus safety, bicycle safety, stranger awareness, gun safety, how to properly use 911, search and seizure and respect and responsibility.

The Merrimack Police Department also participates with the school sponsored "Project Safeguard". This is scheduled for 6th, 8th and 11th graders. Officers speak with students and parents in this workshop based program.. workshops offered by the Merrimack Police Department range from Internet Safety, Drug Recognition, Effects of Alcohol & Drugs and the use of the DWI goggles.

During the school year, officers from the department are assigned to an elementary school as part of our "School Reading Program". They are given a book that the teacher has selected, and the officer reads the book to the class. Afterwards, the officer answers any questions that the children may have. All of the elementary schools grades 1 through 3 participate.

On occasion an officer will go to local pre-school or kindergarten. The officer will cover topics that are geared toward these younger children. The officer is at the school for approximately 30-45 minutes of each class.

This is a very worthwhile program that brings the department into a very positive light with the students.