Sewer Connection Requirements

Sewer connections are based on Town Code (Chapter 158-Sewer Use) and state law (RSA 147:8) and is required if a home or building is within 200 feet of the sanitary sewer. A waiver can be requested if the septic system meets the following criteria:

1) Installed after 1985

2) Inspected by a licensed subsurface designer and the system is shown to be properly functioning and is approved by the Town of Merrimack Town Council. Waiver requests with appropriate backup may be sent to the Director of Public Works, 6 Baboosic Lake Rd, Merrimack NH 03054

3) Approved by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, subsurface division

The procedure to connect to Town sewer is as follows:

1) Sewer connection permits are issued by the Sewer Inspector at the wastewater treatment facility, 36 Mast Rd. A $2,000 connection fee for residential connections is due at the time the permit is issued. All other users pay based on flow, with a minimum fee of $2,000. Up to 1,000 gpd = $10/gallon; 1,001-5,000 gpd = $5.00/gallon; >5,000 gpd = $2.50/gallon.

2) A copy is sent to the Building Department located at the Merrimack Fire Department, DW Highway where a building permit form must be filled out and approved by the Building Official. 

3) The property owner will contract with an installer to install the sewer lateral connection to the town sewer once all permits are issued. The Building Official will inspect the installation prior to backfilling. A sanitary check valve IS required as part of the installation. 

4) Sewer fees are billed semi-annually on the property tax bill for residents and quarterly for all commercial and industrial users.