Baseball Trading Card Program

With the assistance of Cross Photography and Papergraphics of Merrimack , the Merrimack Police Department has a baseball trading card program. Officers within the department have sets of cards that has the officer's picture on the front and a short biography and personal quotation on the back. It is our hope that this program, with the information provided on the card will help us to develop a growing and congenial relationship with the youth in our community.

All you have to do is approach an officer and request that they give you one of their cards. This makes the officer approachable to the youth of Merrimack. you can approach officers that come into your schools, patrol your neighborhood or are assisting at various community functions. Below is a checklist so you can collect all of the officers' cards. 

Click here to print checklist for home use

Trading Card Checklist

Lt. PaulTrepaneyLt. Denise RoyLt. Dan Edmonds
Lt. Dean Killkelley Lt. Matt TarletonSgt. Brian Levesque
Sgt. Joseph GoodridgeSgt. Dennis FoleySgt. Ted Dillon
Sgt. Ed PaneSgt. Eric MarquisDet. Scott Park
Det. Chris DowlingDet. Ken MacleodDet. Jim Sullivan
SRO Mike MurraySRO Tom PrenticeCSO Rob Kelleher
Off. John  DudashOff. Dan LindbomK-9 Off. Greg Walters
Off. Sean CassellOff.  Mike Marcotte Off. Rick McKenzie
Off. Bill VandersydeOff. Chris SpillaneOff. Sean McGuire
Off. Bill GudzinowiczOff. Ben WilliamsOff. Dan Jacques
Off. Phil LandsteinerOff. Paul WellsOff. Stephen Wallin
Off. Ryan MilliganOff. Mike LambertACO Liz Fraser
S/O Jon PelletierS/O Tim St. CyrS/O Brandon Gagnon
C/G Art DucharmeC/G Maryann DurinC/G Pat Girouard
Chief Mark DoyleCapt. Mike DudashCapt. Pete Albert
  K-9 "Gunny"