Merrimack Police Volunteer Program

In 2011 our agency lost a patrolman's position. It was just a realization and a fact of the times with a down economy of our agencies need to do more with less.  To maintain the level of service that our community is accustomed to, and the level that we strive to provide, we have had to be innovative.  A discussion began among the staff of the possibility of recruiting volunteers to assist us in our objectives. Lt. Denise Roy began research in the area and learned of many agencies actively using volunteers to assist in their mission. A proposal was drafted and presented to the town administrators and the matter was approved and pressed forward. Some of the tasks we believed our agency could benefit by recruiting volunteers were:

  • Assist with traffic control at accident scenes, road closures, etc.
  • Assist with search and rescue
  • Provide victim services, if trained in that area
  • Become involved in the neighborhood watch program
  • Assist in Communications during crisis situations
  • Become responsible for transporting the radar trailer to specific locations
  • Assist with clerical needs
  • Assist with Good Morning Program
  • Assist with our elderly outreach program

In 2012 we began actively recruiting for the program and ten members of the public were vetted and approved for the program and brought on board. The program officially kicked off in 2013. Since the Volunteer programs implementation, they have been received training, actively seeking out additional training on their own and have helped our agency at many events since the programs start up.

Our current members of the volunteer program are:

  • Brian McCarthy
  • Lynn Christensen
  • Jody Plante
  • Rod Buckley
  • Pat Murphy
  • Judy Eriksen
  • Jane Hoover

See our Volunteers in Action !