Department Personnel

Department Personnel

Here is a list of all of our department personnel. If you would like to find out more, please view their individual pages.


  • Chief Brian Levesque
  • Deputy Chief Matthew Tarleton
  • Captain Eric Marquis
  • Captain Kenneth Macleod

Criminal Investigation Bureau:

  • Detective Lieutenant Christopher Spillane
  • Detective CSO William Vandersyde
  • Detective Gregory Walters
  • Detective SRO Daniel Lindbom
  • Detective H. Clark Preston
  • Detective Kevin Manuele
  • Detective Haley Ash
  • Detective SRO Jordan Miranda


  • Lieutenant Michael Marcotte
  • Lieutenant Sean Cassell
  • Lieutenant William Gudzinowicz
  • Sergeant Dennis Foley
  • Sergeant Richard McKenzie
  • Sergeant Sean McGuire
  • Sergeant Brandon Gagnon
  • Sergeant Michael Lambert
  • Sergeant Stephen Wallin
  • Master Patrol Officer John Dudash
  • Master Patrol Officer Amanda Groves
  • Master Patrol Officer Bryan Alvarez
  • Master Patrol Officer Brian Masker
  • Master Patrol Officer Steven Colletti
  • Master Patrol Officer Matthew Guinard
  • Officer Jonathan McNeil
  • Officer Aaron Filipowicz
  • Officer Richard Rodrigues
  • Officer Justin Agraz
  • Officer Shannon Wilcox
  • Officer Tyler Colcord
  • Officer Evan Boylan
  • Officer Jared Smith
  • Officer Colin Leblanc
  • Officer Ilbanober "Junior" Ortiz
  • Officer Peter D'Ortona

Animal Control:

  • Vacant

Crossing Guards:

  • Crossing Guard Stratton Gatzimos
  • Crossing Guard Bruce Moreau


  • Office Manager Kerry Tarleton
  • Prosecutor Jason Moore
  • Records Clerk Jeanne McFadden
  • Legal Secretary Cherie Poirier


  • Assistant Communications Supervisor Erika Maguire
  • Dispatcher Shannon Vital
  • Dispatcher Derek Zagzoug
  • Dispatcher Devon Pearson
  • Dispatcher Chavone Brockenberry
  • Dispatcher Makenzy Sowder
  • Dispatcher Barry Stein
  • Dispatcher Annette DiPaolo
  • P/T Dispatcher Christine Maille


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