Good Morning Merrimack

Good Morning Merrimack Form

Merrimack has experienced a growth over the past fifteen years. We continue to grow as businesses and residential housing are built.

One of the areas in which we have experiences a growth is the Senior Citizen Population. We have two distinct housing areas that are devoted to the seniors as well as those with disabilities.

In an effort to meet the needs of every citizen in the community a program called "Good Morning Merrimack" was established over 20 years ago by Chief Joseph Devine in conjunction with the Visiting Nurses Association.

Senior citizens or persons with disabilities can apply with the Police Department to participate in the program. The application is forwarded to the Visiting Nurses Association and upon review of the information, the member is placed into the program.

The program consists of a requirement to contact the Merrimack Police Department every morning prior to 10:00AM. The members will "check-in" with a dispatcher to let us know that everything is okay. If the dispatch center does not receive the phone call, a telephone call is placed to their residence. If we do not receive an answer, an officer is sent to the residence. The officer will attempt to make contact with the member. if contact is not made, the officer will obtain a key from a predetermined location and will enter the residence to check the welfare of the member.

The department is also equipped to exchange TTD communications with the hearing impaired. Resources are available to those who are hearing impaired, who do not have a TTD machine and wish to participate in the program. We will assist them in obtaining a machine.