Home/Business Security Survey

The Merrimack Police Department recognizes that many thefts or burglaries occur because the criminal labels its victims as an easy target. many criminals look for the easiest target to reduce their chances of being caught. That is why the Merrimack Police Department offers to the community "Home/Business Security Surveys". We will come to your home or place of business and do an audit of the security around your home or business.

We will walk around the perimeter of the building looking for easy hiding places or potential entrance points. We will examine the landscaping to see if it poses potential problems for the homeowner or business. We look at the outside lighting and ask questions about how it is used.

We will walk through out he house or business looking for the prime entry points and check to see how well they are secured. We will ask questions about how you normally do your business. What lights are left on a regular basis and if these procedures are ever changed. We also ask what level of security you feel you need for your personal situation.

We then will make suggestions on how you can improve your security around your home or business for the level of security that you feel is necessary. These can range from better landscaping and lighting outdoors and improving the entry points by installing deadbolts, pinning windows or other suggestions to meet your requirements.