Walk-Along Program

It has long been determined that the best method of policing from the standpoint of prevention is to get out and meet the citizens of our community.

This is fundamental to many of our programs. Meeting with the public allows our officers to get to know the residents as well as the business owners. Once a relationship has been established, the communication factor increases. We become approachable and the public feels less anxious about requesting assistance or giving information that may assist us in the clearance of a crime.

This program is designed to get the officer out of the cruiser and into areas where crimes have been committed or the potential for crime is heightened. For example, increased visibility is shown at the shopping centers during the holiday season; or is a group of undesirables is frequenting a particular location, officers will make their presence known by walking around these spots in the effort to deter crimes from being committed. They will also walk through condominium complexes, elderly housing complexes or neighborhoods to assure safety to the residents.