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There have been a few questions with reference to a second vaccination for younger children. Children 9 years old and younger need to have a second vaccination 28 days (or longer) after their initial one.  Merrimack at this time is NOT scheduling a second clinic but all children falling into this group will be given a card with the date of the vaccination, the vaccine lot number and the number of Nashua Regional Health for any questions.  People would be able to get the second vaccination at their primary care providers (doctor’s office), at the Nashua Community Health Department (H1N1 flu vaccine available for the public by calling 603-589-4500 to make an appointment), or at any other public clinic that is being held in the area.  

Depending on the number of younger children that receive the initial vaccination in Merrimack through coordination with our regional partners, we may schedule a booster clinic within the required time period.

The H1N1 Vaccination Clinic Date is Saturday, February 13 at the Merrimack Middle School from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

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