Building & Code Enforcement Division

The Town of Merrimack New Hampshire, Building Division has for years maintained an environment of both beauty and safety within the community of residential homes and commercial buildings by cooperative compliance with the building and fire codes. Inspections of all new projects are binding, along with any addition or remodel work done to existing buildings and structures.

In order for a new project to get under way, the owner is responsible for retaining the services needed to design the project. Submit the required number of construction plans along with the proper permit applications to our office and obtain all permits necessary to complete the work, prior to starting construction. 

Prior to a building permit being issued or building occupancy, the Building Division and other applicable departments, may need to approve the project by signing the CO Check List, verifying all work is in full compliance to code and conditions of approval.

Inspections are required for each permit issued to ensure the work performed has met the minimum building codes and construction standards.

A Certificate of Occupancy is then issued by the Merrimack Fire Department upon completion of the project prior to building occupancy.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Richard Jones Building Official (603) 420-1730
Misty Patles Secretary