Fire & Rescue Operations

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Merrimack Fire and Rescue Department is to protect life, property and the environment for those who live, work, visit or invest in our community.

Vision Statement

Through a combination of team work, dedication, compassion and education; The Merrimack Fire and Rescue Department strives to be a professional organization to which others will benchmark their efforts.

Core Values

L - Leadership
E - Empathy
A - Attitude
D - Duty
E - Excellence
R - Respect
S - Self-less Service
H - Honor
I  - Integrity
P - Personal Courage

Operations Division

Dan Newman, Assistant Fire Chief

The Merrimack Fire and Rescue Department is a full-service organization. The operational staff consists of a Shift Captain, Shift Lieutenant and seven Firefighters working a 24-hour shift on a rotational schedule to average 42-hours each week. All shifts start at 8:00 am and leave the following morning at 8:00 am. All personnel are subject to emergency callback to maintain emergency staffing. Operations personnel are required to maintain skills in Emergency Medical Care, Firefighting, Hazardous Materials and Technical Rescue Operations and be ready to use these skills at a moments notice 24 hours each and every day.

The Assistant Fire Chief manages the Operations Division and reports directly to the Fire Chief. The position responsibilities include; shift scheduling, command at large scale incidents, standard operational guidelines, general orders, equipment, apparatus, emergency medical service, fire operations, rescue, hazardous materials, vehicle maintenance, building maintenance, training and safety.

The four Shift Captains report to the Assistant Chief and the Lieutenants report to the Captains. Each has ancillary duties as well as line responsibilities. They are required to maintain shift records, meet and greet the public, command emergency operations on a daily basis, provide for a safe work environment for the Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technicians and protect the citizens and guests of the Town of Merrimack.

The seven Firefighters per shift are responsible for the routine care of all the equipment, and to maintain a high level of readiness for any incident. They clean, inspect, repair and test all Department resources to ensure a safe and efficient work environment. They train in all aspects of the job. Other responsibilities include building maintenance, Emergency Medical Supplies, Communications, Hand Tools, Air Packs, Small Engines and power tools.

The Operations Division responds to over 3,100 emergency calls annually. These calls include requests for medical aid, fire suppression, motor vehicle accidents, industrial accidents, woodland fires, propane gas releases, electrical problems, gasoline spills and service calls which include home lockouts, water problems, lift assists, strange smells and odors. Whenever a customer calls, we will do everything possible to help with their situation.