Call Division

On-Call Firefighter / EMT (Volunteer Program)

The on-call division is comprised of men and women who supplement either our fire response or emergency medical response, or in some cases both. On-call Firefighters are trained to the same standards as the career firefighters. On-call EMS responders are also trained to the same standards as the career personnel to include Emergency Medical Technicians and Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediates.

 If you are interested in becoming a member of our on-call division, we run ability tests as needed depending upon applications received .

To be an on-call EMS responder, you’ll need to fill out a job application and pass a written test and sit in front of an oral review board to be considered for a position. To become an on-call firefighter, the process is the same; however, firefighter candidates are required to pass a physical ability test to ensure they are fit enough for the rigors of firefighting.

Below is a link to the physical ability requirements and waiver forms, please click and print.

Physical Ability Exam