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Merrimack Fire Rescue

Merimack Fire and Rescue

 The Merrimack Fire and Rescue Department is a progressive group of men and women that strive to serve the citizens of the Town of Merrimack by providing responsive and caring service to protect and improve their quality of life. We are very proud of the high customer service and satisfaction ratings that we have maintained for many years.

Since September 11, the world and fire service that we once knew has dramatically changed. In order to plan for and mitigate any threat, the Merrimack Fire and Rescue Department constantly trains in all areas and special operations. Through response capabilities in Hazardous Materials, Technical Rescue, Terrorism Incident Response, and Firefighting, we remain capable of dealing with emergencies through the all-hazards approach.

The largest portion of our responses are for Emergency Medical Services. Each Fire Engine and Ambulance in our fleet is equipped with Progress Life Support equipment allowing immediate and rapid life saving interventions to be made in the field. This is often the critical component that saves a life.

The Engine Company is the primary piece of response apparatus for any type of emergency. Engines respond to reports of fires and also to assist paramedic units with life threatening medical emergencies. In addition, Ladder and Rescue Companies bring aerial firefighting and rescue capabilities as well as technical rescue equipment to the scene.

Included in the Fire and Rescue Department is the Emergency Management and Office of the Fire Marshal. The Emergency Management office is primary responsibility for planning and preparing for any wide spread emergency that the Town of Merrimack may experience. These emergencies may come in the form of a natural disaster or act of terrorism.  The office of the Fire Marshal oversees fire safety and code compliance throughout the community.  This comes in the form of plans review, fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, fire safety inspections for industrial and commercial sites, schools, and places of assembly. Inspections are also conducted for Day Care Facilities, propane tanks and other hazardous material locations.

Our service delivery is not limited to response capabilities. We are proud to offer various other programs such as Child Safety Seat Installations, Fire Station Tours, Fire and Extinguisher Training. Through these programs, our proactive approach to public safety is best represented.

I would also encourage you to visit the "Volunteer Opportunities" section of our web site. Through these opportunities, you will be able to assist your community while learning valuable skills that may help save a friend or family member's life.

If you are visiting, I welcome you to our Town. If you are a citizen, please stop by your neighborhood fire station and meet your Town’s firefighters. We are proud to be YOUR Fire Department and stand ready to serve you whenever needed!

Fire Chief Michael Currier