Explorer Program - How to Join


The basic mission of all members will be a basic understanding of the operating procedures of the Merrimack Fire Department. While much of the knowledge gained by the Explorers is received through training and attending meetings, nothing can replace the valuable information experienced while riding at the fire stations. However, it is critical to note that the Ride-Along Program is an earned privilege and not a right. To ensure that this privilege continues, Explorers must follow all of the rules, regulations and training provided to them.

Below are a few basic thoughts that may make this process, as well as life in general, easier and more enjoyable.

  • Get your education first and foremost. You have the rest of you life to ride fire trucks!
  • If you do not know, ASK! (Remember there are no stupid questions)
  • If you do know, then do not be a wise guy. Just give a polite answer.
  • If there is any doubt about whether you are breaking a rule and may get in trouble, then you probably are. Save yourself the grief, do not do it.
  • Always be polite; say please and thank you. Respect the firefighters they have earned it.
  • Respect all department officers and always use their rank when addressing them.
  • Never stop learning; your greatest strengths are your passport to career fulfillment.
  • Never be without a personal and professional goal!

Remember: You may experience things in this profession that may effect your emotions or may be stressful. Do not be afraid to call your Advisors or talk to the firefighters and officers at the stations about something that troubles you. Do not let it go, talk about it, no options.

The attachments below you will find the Explorer Post Application documentation.  Please download the needed forms and follow the directions on each form.