Athletic Fields Needs Committee (disbanded)

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**The Athletic Fields Needs Committee disbanded on 10/28/2010**

On March 22, 2007 the Town Council directed the Town Manager to approach the School Board regarding the forming of a “subcommittee consisting of 2 members from the Town Council, 2 members from the School Board, 2 members from the Merrimack Village District and 3 members from the MYA to find and develop new ball fields in the Town of Merrimack”. The newly formed committee is called the Athletic Fields Needs Committee.

Committee Members

Name Title
Jim Taylor MYA Rep.
Gary Keay MYA Rep.
Terry Benhardt MYA Rep.
Tom Nutting MVD Rep.
Keith Hickey Town Rep.
Sherry Kalish Town Rep.
Thomas Koenig T.C. Rep.
Dan Dwyer T.C. Rep.
Matt Shevenell School Rep.
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