Able Ebenezer Brewing Company

Able Ebenezer Brewing Company (ableebenezer.com) is a local nanobrewery committed to brewing and distributing "bold and revolutionary ales."  Able Ebenezer's facility serves as a brewery, distribution center, and also has a popular tasting room and merchandise area.  Able Ebenezer was recently selected by the Hippo Press as the top brewery in NH for 2015.

Able Ebenezer's 5,311 square foot facility is located at 31 Columbia Circle, which was approved by the Planning Board on January 7, 2014 and opened to the public on June 14, 2014.

Photo Courtesy Merrimack Chamber of Commerce

Photo Courtesy Merrimack Chamber of Commerce

(photos courtesy Merrimack Chamber of Commerce)

From their website: 

"The Able Ebenezer Brewing Company opened it's doors in the summer of 2014, when former US Army Officers and aspiring entrepreneurs set out to pursue their ambitions. Motivated by their combined abilities, inspired by local New Hampshire revolutionary history, and driven by their love of beer, the Able Ebenezer Brewing Company was formed.

Able Ebenezer's name is branded from the inspirational actions of local New Hampshire citizens who rallied behind Ebenezer Mudgett in 1772 to defy British oppression. History remembers this event as the Pine Tree Riot."


Able Ebenezer Co-Founders Carl Sodorberg and Zach Rand shared their reasons for locating in Merrimack as part of a MerrimackTV broadcast of "Merrimack Business Association Entrepeneur Spotlight."  The testimonial below is taken from the transcript from that video (available on YouTube: youtube.com/watch?v=5naG3h3Tq94).

Why did you choose to locate in Merrimack?

Zach Rand: We took the approach that we would start local first.  We currently live in Auburn, so we began our search there and we kind of went town to town and did some research, put some feelers out to see 'would the town would be interested in us' and would the the town government support us being there,  what's the interest level.  We looked at some market stats and we went through about four other cities and towns before we decided on Merrimack.  Merrimack is someplace that was very warm welcoming to us from the moment that we showed interest here.

Carl Sodorberg: We are a company that distributes our own product so, Zach, being a military logistician took the time to look at a map of southern New Hampshire and deemed where, based on high-speed avenues approach, where do we need to be.  That's when we started approaching those towns trying to find the town that had the 'path of least resistance' to opening a brewery.  And after meeting with five towns, Merrimack was the obvious choice.  The Community Development Office here is great, they're very helpful, they'll set meetings up with us within 24 hours.  So, any entrepreneurs out there, Merrimack's a great place to be. Tim and his staff do a great job at the Community Development Office.


The Town of Merrimack welcomes Able Ebenezer to the local business community, and wishes them the best of luck and success here in Merrimack!


ConvenientMD Urgent Care

ConvenientMD Urgent Care (convenientmd.com) is a privately owned company dedicated to providing the best medical care and best health care experience for their patients and staff.

ConvenientMD now has a 5,044 square foot facility at 2 Dobson Way, which was approved by the Planning Board on March 4, 2014 and opened to the public on March 31, 2015.

Photo courtesy Merrimack Chamber of Commerce

(photo courtesy Merrimack Chamber of Commerce)

From their website: 

"ConvenientMD offers an innovative approach to high-quality health care in an efficient and welcoming environment while saving money for patients, employers, insurance companies and the government. Our less expensive, full-service approach provides a broad array of services to satisfy our patients' demands for convenient, compassionate treatment of episodic urgent care needs.

Due to a lack of suitable alternatives for time sensitive medical care, the large majority of patients walking into emergency rooms each year don't require emergency care. In fact, emergency room visits nationally have grown by more than 30% over the last ten years, increasing wait times to over four hours. Independent surveys indicate that of the 119 million patients who went to the emergency room in 2006, 71% required services that could safely and effectively be provided at an urgent care center like ConvenientMD. Given the extraordinary cost of treating patients in ERs, these unnecessary visits are costing billions of dollars, and wasting time for patients and providers.

ConvenientMD stands alone in its focus on the entire patient experience. Our team members share our passion and commitment to our Vision and Values."


ConvenientMD Co-CEO Max Puyanic offered the following on his experience locating his most recent facility here in Merrimack:

Why did you choose to locate in Merrimack?

We chose to locate in Merrimack due to the large and growing community, both in Merrimack and in neighboring towns. In addition, Merrimack enjoys many large employers who we’re confident will be excited about our presence, as an opportunity to reduce their healthcare and work-comp insurance premiums.

How would you describe your experience in working through the Town’s approval processes?

Having opened six facilities in NH within the last few years, we found Merrimack’s approval process to be the most efficient of any town to date. I was particularly impressed with the responsiveness and professionalism of the staff who helped guide us through the process at every step along the way. Merrimack’s leadership and staff do an excellent job, which is understood and respected by the Planning and Zoning boards, making the process more efficient.


The Town of Merrimack welcomes ConvenientMD to the local business community, and wishes them the best of luck and success here in Merrimack!