Zoning Board

Zoning Board of Adjustment Meetings are normally held every fourth Wednesday at 7:00 P.M. in the Matthew Thornton Room on the second floor of Town Hall, West Wing (former courtroom).

Applications for a Variance, Special Exception, Appeal from Administrative Decision, and Equitable Waiver of Dimensional Requirements are accepted and processed by the Planning and Zoning Division of the Community Development Department.



Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Tim Thompson, AICP (603) 424-3531
Robert Price (603) 424-3531
Kellie Shamel (603) 424-3531

Board Members

Name Title
Patrick Dwyer Chair (06/30/19)
Lynn Christensen Vice Chair (06/30/20)
Fran L'Heureux Full Member (06/30/21)
Rich Conescu Full Member (06/30/20)
Kathleen Stroud Full Member (6/30/21)
Leonard Worster Alternate (06/30/20)
Rodney Buckley Alternate (6/30/20)
Drew Duffy Alternate (06/30/21)