Welfare Department

Our Purpose

Town Welfare was established by State Law RSA 165 to make sure Merrimack Residents have the basic needs of life (ex. shelter, heat, electricity, water, food, and medically necessary prescriptions). The Town may need to assist or make a referral to an applicant if there is an emergency (threat of loss of basic need) or may determine there is a temporary need until employment, State Aid, Social Security, etc is received. It is not intended to assist residents living beyond basic needs.

Each applicant deserves dedicated time and attention to address their individual needs. In order to accomplish this, appointments are made and scheduled based on priority of need. Documentation will be required in order to determine eligibility of assistance. The Welfare Administrator has office hours noted at the Contact Info on the side. Calls for emergency needs can be taken during 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM through the Welfare telephone number by connecting to the Town Managers Office. Calls for life threatening emergencies after business hours should be made to 911.

Assistance is provided by voucher and payment directly only to vendors of basic needs. No cash assistance is given to clients. If the Town is able to provide assistance, reimbursement is expected (when it is not a hardship to the client). The Town is also able to place a lien on all real property if the resident is assisted.

In order to qualify for Town Assistance, there are financial criteria, as well as non-financial requirements. A client must stay in compliance with Town Welfare and State Welfare guidelines (when appropriate) if assistance is needed and continued appointments will be scheduled.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to make appointments each time assistance is requested.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Patricia A. Murphy Administrator (603) 423-8535