Highway Safety Committee

The purpose of the Highway Safety Committee shall be to have a highway safety program defined to reduce traffic accidents and deaths and injuries and property damage resulting there from.

Statutory Organization and Duties

The composition, terms of office, vacancies, functions and duties of the Highway Safety Committee shall be as provided by RSA 239-B, and amendments, and the National Highway Safety Act of 1966. 

Appointment / Term of Office 

Twelve (12) members

Membership shall include:
• Deputy Police Chief (or designee)
• Fire Chief (or designee)
• Department of Public Works Director (or designee)
• Community Development Director (or designee)
• School District Representative (appointed by the Superintendent of Schools with no fixed term)
• Town Council Representative (appointed annually)
• 5 General members of the Public

The General members are to serve a 3-year staggered
term (July 1st to June 30th). The terms are to be
staggered so that in one year no more than 2 members
are recommended and approved. In the case of a
vacancy, this rule shall be relaxed but the new member
will be recommended and approved to fill out the
remainder of the unexpired term.
General members shall be residents of the Town of

General members are recommended by the Chairman
and approved by a majority of the non General members
of the Committee.

There are no alternates for the General members. 

Board Members

Name Title
Chief Denise I. Roy Chairman
Claire Rioux Secretary
Dawn Tuomala Full Member
Michael Currier Full Member
Tim Thompson, AICP Full Member
Fran L'Heureux Full Member (06/30/18)
Bob L'Heureux Full Member (06/30/17)
William Godfrey Full Member (06/30/17)
Glenn Wallace Full Member (06/30/17)
Paul Konieczka Full Member (06/30/17)
Tom Touseau Full Member
Finlay Rothhaus T.C. Rep