Trustees of Trust Funds

The Town of Merrimack has three "Trustees of Trust Funds." They are elected, one per year, for three year terms. Their duty is to manage funds, invest and disburse them, in accordance with the dictates of the creating document.  Funds may be created by Town, School District or Village District vote at the annual meeting.  Other funds may come from individuals.  For example, individuals have paid for perpetual care in cemeteries, left money for fire protection, and scholarships.

Funds administered by the Trustees are audited annually.  Reports are filed with the Attorney General and are published in the Town of Merrimack Annual Report.  Investment vehicles are set forth in statute;  they are primarily limited to U.S. government obligations and high rated U.S. based corporations.  The Trustees must submit the town investment policy to the Attorney General on an annual basis.

Much of what the Trustees of Trust Funds do are regulated by NH law.  Some of the controlling statutes are listed below.

Board Members

Name Title
Jack Balcom Full Member (Election Day 2020)
William Wilkes Full Member (Election Day 2018)
Chris Christensen Full Member (Election Day 2019)