Reed's Cemetery, located on Naticook Road, is the only cemetery in Merrimack owned and operated by the Town which may still accept new lots. Please contact the Town Manager's office at (603) 424-2331 for more information. The "Cemetery Rules and Regulations" adopted by the Town Council can be viewed here.

Last Rest Cemetery, located on Baboosic Lake Road, is privately owned and operated. It is run by a board of directors. The website can be found here and they can be contacted at (603) 424-8136.

Reed's Cemetery

Reeds Cemetery has been an active burial ground since the Colonial Period, and the history of American burial customs can be traced through its monument stones. Changes of style progress from the southern section with its Colonial Period, dark slate stones, through Federal Period stones of white marble, to the three dimensional monuments of the Victorian Era Rural Cemetery Movement, shading to modern burials.

Directions to Reed's Cemetery

Turkey Hill Graveyard
Turkey Hill Graveyard is adjacent to the site of the first meeting house and dates to the establishment of the Town.

A unique site because of its unaltered flora, there are many wildflowers growing within its rock walled confines, including some which are threatened or endangered in New Hampshire. For this reason, Turkey Hill Graveyard has the authentic feel of an eighteenth century burial ground, as those buried there would have experienced it.

Directions to Turkey Hill Graveyard

Matthew Thornton Graveyard
This cemetery is the site of the grave of the Honorable Matthew Thornton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and his wife Hannah Jack.

This cemetery also contains the oldest existing grave in Merrimack.

Directions to Matthew Thornton Graveyard

Reed's Ferry Graveyard
Reeds Ferry Graveyard was established in the federal period, slightly later than the other three Merrimack cemeteries.

Directions to Reeds Ferry Graveyard