E. What can a taxpayer do once they receive their December tax bill, if they are aggrieved with their value?

Once the final tax bill (December) has been received, the taxpayer would need to file an abatement with the Assessors office. Forms are available at the office or online at the Town website, the State of NH DRA or BTLA websites as well. After the abatement has been reviewed and responded to and after you receive your notification of your abatement disposition, if you are still dissatisfied, the next step would be to file an appeal with either the State of NH BTLA or the Superior Court, but not both.

We hope this process is a smooth one, but we understand not all taxpayers will be happy with their new assessments. Both the local and state appeals processes are very fair processes that have worked for many years to ensure taxpayers are treated fairly. The Assessors Office will attempt to answer taxpayer questions or concerns, but until the values are finalized and turned over all questions should be addressed through the informal hearing process.