Watson Park






Watson Park is the generous gift of Harold and Barbara Watson.  This park was formally dedicated in 2010 for the purpose of protecting and maintaining open space in a natural atmosphere for the people of Merrimack to enjoy a tranquil outdoor setting in Merrimack’s Town Center.

Bounded on the south by the Souhegan River and on the east by Baboosic Brook, Watson Park is the anchor for the planned trail system leading west along the Souhegan and north along Baboosic Brook.  A master plan has been developed for the Park with spaces set aside to tell the long history of its industrial past, as well as generous room for informal recreation.

Activities presently featured at Watson Park include picnicking, scenic river views, a butterfly garden, and lawn areas for passive recreation uses.

Even though there is not an official swimming area at Watson Park, water quality samples are taken on a weekly basis beginning in June and continuing thru August of each year to ensure it is safe for swimming and results are sent to the NH Department of Environmental Services. E. coli levels less than 88 are completely clean and would be satisfactory for swimming at a public beach. 88 to 126 is OK for healthy adults; 126 to 406 is poor and not recommended for swimming. Higher than 406 is not acceptable for swimming at all. High bacteria levels can cause swimmers ear and gastrointestinal problems, especially in children or vulnerable adults.

The results of the weekly water quality test results for August 14, 2018 are as follows:

The Souhegan River at Watson Park is: 119.8

For additional details on water quality testing, please visit the Souhegan River Association website.