Public Works Administration

Brief Description of Division

The Administration Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for directing and managing all functions of the Department. Administrative functions can be divided in to five functions:

1. Community Relations

As the Division with primary administrative responsiblity for the Department, this Division is responsible for monitoring an integrated community relations program.

2. General Management

Responsible for the general planning, organization, direction and coordination of the Department's Divisions including policy and budget.

3. Capital Improvement Program

Responsible for implementing the Town's Capital Improvement Program relative to municipal infrastructure (roads, bridges, wastewater facilities including Police and Fire).

4. Engineering

Responsible for the technical assistance to local boards, other Town departments, and the Public Works Department.

5. Inter-Agency Liaison

Responsible for coordinating with state and regional regulatory and funding agencies including monitoring state legislative initiatives.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Kyle Fox Public Works Director (603) 424-5137
Dawn Tuomala Deputy Director / Town Engineer (603) 424-5137