Welcome to the Merrimack Wastewater Treatment Facility


Our mission is to provide a environmental service to our community through monitoring, collecting and treating the wastewater from the Town of Merrimack in a manner that surpasses our federal discharge limitations (NPDES permit), to provide this service in the most cost-effective manner and to produce a Class A compost material that surpasses all Federal requirements and State requirements (New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Maine).

We strive to be:

  1. A leader in our field,
  2. The best,
  3. Responsible to our users and community, and
  4. An advocate for a sustainable environment

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Sarita Croce Asst. Director of Public Works / Wastewater (603) 420-1620
Leo Gaudette Chief Operator (603) 420-1621
Phillip Appert Pretreatment Manager 420-1624
Chris Ciardelli Laboratory Manager (603) 420-1626
Becky L. Sullivan Secretary (603) 423-8538
Kyle Fox Public Works Director (603) 424-5137
Mike Gorman Sewer Inspector (603) 420-1625