Transfer Station Information

Traffic Flow

The new transfer station layout requires a one-way traffic pattern to safely and quickly move residents through the facility. All residents will enter on Fearon Rd. Residents that wish to recycle will bear left at the fork and continue into the recycling facility to drop-off their items, exit the building, and bear left again to the other drop-off areas. If you do not wish to recycle, you will proceed on Fearon Rd. and turn left to continue to the other drop-off areas.

Fee Payment


Residents should prepare to pay a disposal fee on the following items:

[Transfer Station Disposal Fee List as approved by Town Council on March 8, 2007]

Item Disposal Fee

Passenger Tire$ 5.00 each
Truck Tire$10.00 each
Off-Road Tractor Tire$15.00 each
Propane Tanks (20-30#)$ 5.00 each
Refrigerators$15.00 each
Air Conditioners/Dehumidifiers$15.00 each
Electronic Equipment *$15.00 unit






* Electronics include but are not limited to TVs, VCRs, DVD players, CD Players, microwaves, computer monitors, computer towers and any other items that contain electronic componts.

Waste Auto Oil And Antifreeze Drop-Off Area

This area is located directly behind the recycling facility. You can get to this area by taking a left immediately after the recycling facility. This drop-off area through the years has been misunderstood. We only accept waste oil, and antifreeze in this area! We do not accept oil-based paints, solvents, gasoline, and any other items not associated with oil or antifreeze. Note: If you have latex paint, you can open the can and air-dry the remaining material until it is hard, and dispose of it in the regular household trash. If you have a half of a can of latex paint just mix some kitty litter with it and it will dry quicker. All full paint cans and other building materials and supplies can also be donated to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Yard Waste And Brush Drop-Off Area

This area is for leaves, grass clippings, and pine needles only! Brush does not go in this area. As always, please empty your plastic bags and dispose of them in the barrels provided. We are also re-locating the brush drop-off area right next to the yard waste. Please note, the brush area only accepts material 5’’ in diameter and smaller. We will no longer be accepting stumps.

Tire Drop-Off Trailer

If you have old tires to dispose of you can place them into this trailer after you have paid the appropriate fee. Note: You must have a receipt as proof that you paid the fee. Attendants will be looking for your receipt before you drop-off the tires.

Scrap Metal Drop-Off

The next drop-off area with a new location is the Scrap Metal drop-off area. The roll-off boxes will now be accessible from the top and residents need to understand there are certain items that will not be accepted in these containers.

Items Not Accepted Are:

  • Propane Tanks
  • Home Heating Oil Tanks
  • Gas Tanks
  • 55 Gal. Drums

*Do not go into these containers unless they are cut in half and cleaned out!
Only metal items go into these containers!

Planet Aid Drop-Off Boxes

This area has been set aside for clothing or small items that can be put into the boxes. Note: Do not leave large items or items that will not fit into the boxes. The drivers do not take items left outside the boxes. If home pick-up is needed please contact Salvation Army. 

Construction And Demolition Debris

Another item that has a new location and needs to be separated is construction and demolition debris (C&D). The C&D trailers will be located right next to the new transfer station. Items that can be placed in these containers are clean and painted wood.

Transfer Station (Household Trash Drop-Off)

This building will accept your regular household trash that will be dropped through small openings at the front of the building and will be scooped up and loaded into transport trailers and hauled to a location out of town.

Commercial Traffic Entrance

All commercial vehicles will enter at this location to proceed to the truck scale. When exiting the scale, the commercial traffic will merge with the exiting residential traffic. Please be careful when merging with resident traffic.

Commercial tipping fee is $122.00 per ton.