Winter Mailbox Tips

To assist the Public Works Department and the Postal Service, we suggest inspecting your mailbox and post prior to winter and repairing as necessary. The following tips can help reduce the chance of damage due to plowing operations:

  • Ensure the mailbox post is sturdy and fully supported to the ground to withstand the heavy snow moved aside by the plow
  • Mailbox face should be at least 6" back from the edge of pavement/curb, and the bottom of the box at least 41" off the ground
  • Add small sections of reflective tape to the right side (facing traffic) to make it easier to see during storms
  • Remove snow from around the base, and to the right side of the mailbox regularly (but avoid pushing snow back into the road)
  • Use a snowblower or shovel to cut small furrows to the right of the mailbox to allow heavy snow to fall off the plow prior to reaching the mailbox
  • If you have a highly ornate/artistic mailbox, consider replacing with a standard box during winter months

While the Department makes every attempt to reduce their occurrence, the large quantity of varying roadway and placement conditions make occasional damage possible. Damage due to improper installation, rotten posts, or snow thrown from the plow is the responsibility of the homeowner if placed within the legal right-of-way. If there is evidence that a plow has struck a properly-installed mailbox, please call the Highway Division at 603-423-8551 to have the damage inspected.