Motor Vehicle - Registration Renewals

Renewals of vehicles previously registered in Merrimack:

If your vehicle was previously registered in Merrimack, you will be mailed (or emailed) a renewal reminder notice at the end of the month prior to your renewal month. You are able to renew in person, by mail or use the E-Reg program to renew your registration online.

When renewing in person you must bring your identification and either the renewal notice mailed to you or the registration for each vehicle.

When renewing through the mail you must provide the renewal notice sent to you and the proper fee.

If you are unable to renew in person, you may designate another to complete the transaction for you.  You must provide them with the renewal notice or the vehicle registration(s) and the proper fee.  In the event there are any issues with the registration or information needing to be changed, your designee will NOT be able to complete the transaction for you and you will need to appear in person.

All vehicle renewals requiring any changes must be completed in person by the first listed owner on the registration.

For your convenience, the Town of Merrimack has partnered with EB2GOV® to offer payment of vehicle registration renewals over the Internet. Renewing online is generally quicker and easier than renewing in person or by mail; however, your renewed registration is not valid until you receive the actual printed registration which will be mailed to you by the Town of Merrimack. The Town of Merrimack cannot be held responsible for delays due to factors beyond our control nor for any costs you may incur as a result.

EB2GOV®, the vehicle registration renewal service provider, charges a convenience fee for each vehicle processed, plus a transaction fee for payment processing, in addition to the state and local charges due for renewal.

Payment Methods:  The Town of Merrimack accepts cash, personal check (no 3rd party checks), money orders, and debit/credit cards.  There are fees associated with the use of debit/credit cards, paid by the consumer.  Checks should be made payable to the "Town of Merrimack".

To register using E-Reg click the link below to begin the renewal process.

Renew your Car registration ONLINE

Renewals of Vehicles Previously Registered in NH in another town:

If you are new to Merrimack and currently have a NH registration needing renewal, please click here for more information on how to renew your registration. 

State of NH - DMV website: