Motor Vehicle Registrations - Resident New to NH

If you are a new resident to the state you must obtain a New Hampshire Automobile Registration (plates) and Drivers License within 60 days of moving into the State (NH RSA 261:45 & NH RSA 263:35)

It is recommended that you register your vehicle first and then obtain your license.

You will begin the registration process at the Town Clerk's office.  For all transactions you will need ID and proof of residency. It is required that you bring in proof of identification such as a driver's license and two (2) proofs of residency.  

Residency as defined:  “A resident is a person who maintains his or her true, fixed and permanent residence within the Town of Merrimack, NH.  Does not claim a residency in any other Town or State for any purpose, and who has, through all actions, demonstrated a current intent to designate that the permanent residence is his or her principal place of physical presence for the indefinite future to the exclusion of all others.”

Present to this office a minimum of (2) of the listed documents indicating your address in Merrimack.  Items that may be used to prove residency are:

  • Notarized letter from property owner or property manager
  • Lease or rental agreement, duly signed and dated
  • NH motor vehicle insurance policy
  • Elderly or Veterans exemption showing on property tax bill
  • Utility bill listing address as “service address” (cable, electric, oil, sewer, gas)
  • Direct verification by parent or guardian at address provided
  • Copy of Federal Income Tax Return
  • Payroll check
  • Bank Statement

For vehicles with a model year 2000 or newer, you will need to bring your out-of-state title to the Town Clerk's office where your New Hampshire title application and registration forms will be prepared. If your vehicle is leased, you will also need to provide your lease agreement.

At the Town Clerk's office, you will pay a motor vehicle permit fee based on the original manufacturer's price of the vehicle.  A state registration fee based on the weight of the vehicle will be paid, at which time you will receive your plates.  Fees are prorated from the time of registration until the owner's next birth month.

If your title is being held by a lienholder, bring your current registration to the Town Clerk's office along with the lienholder's name and address, name and address of where the vehicle was purchased, date of purchase, and current odometer reading.  At the Town Clerk's office, a NH Title Application will be prepared and forwarded to the NH Title Bureau.  The NH Title Bureau will obtain your out-of-state title from your lienholder and provide them with a NH title.  In the event your the Title Bureau does not receive the title from your lienholder, you will not be eligible to renew your vehicle registration until your lienholder releases the title to them. 

For vehicles with a model year 1999 or older, you will need to present your out-of-state registration and either a title for the vehicle or a NH VIN verification form. 

NH VIN Verification form link:

Vehicle permit fee rates are established by State law.  

Local permit fees (RSA 261:153)

Current year and next year’s models: $18.00 per thousand of the original manufacturer’s list price
Models one year old: $15.00 per thousand of the original manufacturer’s list price
Models two years old: $12.00 per thousand of the original manufacturer’s list price
Models three years old: $9.00 per thousand of the original manufacturer’s list price
Models four years old: $6.00 per thousand of the original manufacturer’s list price
Models five years old and older: per thousand of the original manufacturer’s list price

State registration fees (most vehicles):(RSA 261:141)

0-3000 pounds gross vehicle weight $31.20
3001 – 5000 pounds gross vehicle weight $43.20
5001 -8000 pounds gross vehicle weight $55.20

State of NH - DMV website:

Payment Methods:  The Town of Merrimack accepts cash, personal check (no 3rd party checks), money orders, and debit/credit cards.  There are fees associated with the use of debit/credit cards, paid by the consumer.   Checks are payable to the "Town of Merrimack".